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WorkStar® 220 Pocket Floodlight™ (AAAA Batteries)

WorkStar® 220 Pocket Floodlight™ (AAAA Batteries)

Amazing Beam!
WorkStar® 220 Pocket Floodlight™ (AAAA Batteries)
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2011 Winner Best Flashlight 2011 award

The Maxxeon WorkStar® 220 Pocket Floodlight™ is a high performance lighting tool featuring a special wide angle beam of brilliant white light, in a compact package that fits in your pocket. Other lights claim to be EDC (everyday carry) lights, but do they fit neatly in your pocket? Not like the Pocket Floodlight™.

Of course, the Pocket Floodlight™ is the ideal lighting tool for inspections in any tight location, such as under the dash, in an engine bay, in a computer, in appliances or in an equipment bay. But the very wide and very bright beam also makes the Pocket Floodlight™ the ideal light for real estate agents, police investigations, prison cell inspections and security guard surveillance. Close up or far away, the Pocket Floodlight™ does it all.

"These 220s are GREAT, we have purchased many of these lights for our welders in the shop. The quality of the welds on our pipes and metal sheets has improved and I feel its because the workers can actually get a good look at their weld lines. We’re hooked on the 220!"- A. F., Pulaski, NY

• 6.25" x 7/16"
• Brilliant white light, up to 20 times as much light as ordinary penlights - lets you light up your entire inspection area.
• Lightweight and compact, it clips into your pocket, so it's ready whenever you need it - this could be the handiest tool in the shop or on the job!
• Rugged anodized aluminum body endures the tough shop environment.
• Wide angle beam gives you plenty of light even when working close up.
• With greater than 140 OTF lumens (Out-the-Front), the WorkStar® 220 is powerful enough to replace most of your flashlights.
• Tail switch has momentary action, as well as the standard ON/OFF.
• Not just for mechanics and technicians, it's the perfect light for a woman's purse.
• 3 AAAA Energizer batteries included.
• 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
• Order No. MXN00220

2/3 Off Sale!! Limited time offer for only $5.95. Also available, is the handy 12 inch flexible extension WorkStar® Snake 200.

And a 6 pack of Energizer AAAA batteries Energizer® AAAA batteries.

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WorkStar® 224 Ultraviolet Penlight (SKU: MXN00224)WorkStar® 224 Ultraviolet Penlight (SKU: MXN00224)The new Maxxeon WorkStar® 224 UV ultraviolet penlight flashlight features the extraordinary brilliance of a full-size professional UV flashlight in a compact inspection light that clips into your shirt pocket! Perfect for A/C and heat pump refrigerant dye leak detection, verifying legal currency, verifying fluorescent hand stamps, body fluids and of course, finding scorpions.
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