Gama Sonic’s Baytown II solar outdoor LED light is an ideal alternative to gas or electrical wall or floor-mounted backyard lamps. It is made of heavy-duty weather-resistant, rustproof, UV-protected black poly resin and it has classical design. As already mentioned, it could be easily mounted on wall or floor thanks to EZ-anchor base which can be installed in just a few minutes without any tool or drilling (as you can see in picture below).

Since it is solar powered lamp you just need to choose any place with enough sunlight so it could be charged during the day. Solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon protected by durable, tempered glass for enhanced performance and life. It is dusk-to-dawn lamp which automatically lights up at sundown giving 130 lumens of light through 10 bright-white LEDs. Also, Baytown II has 1 LI-ion battery whit an option to install second battery in order to prolong the duration of solar light. You should use second battery only if the lamp is exposed to sunlight more than 4 hours a day. Shorter exposure won’t charge the second battery. After installing the second battery and leaving it cycle for several days, it stays on from dusk until dawn (about 10 hours) on the “summer” setting.  Li-ion batteries should last for about 1000 charges or 3 years before replacement.


  •  Durable and Reliable
  •  Easily Mounted on the Ground
  •  Reasonable Price for the Quality


  •  None