(With Adjustable Bracket)

MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight

MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Floodlight is one in the wide range of MicroSolar flood and security LED lights. MicroSolar solar powered LED lights are basically quality lights with high lumen outputs made with or without motion sensors. MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Floodlight represents one of the best and most reliable solar powered LED lights available on the market giving the great value for the money. This solar powered light system consists of an aluminum IP65 10w solar panel with angle adjustable metal brackets and 16.4 feet long cable connecting it to the 120 natural white LEDs. Also, it can be upgraded with optional boost solar panel & 16.4 ft extension cable for greater performance.

The solar panel charges 14.8V 4000mAh (59.2WH) rechargeable Lithium battery which lasts over 2 years in regular use. The battery, when fully charged, will give you up to 12 hours of continuous light (on sunny day) able to illuminate around 50 to maximum 100 square feet. Photo sensors are built in solar panel in order to detect if there is getting darker outside providing continuous work from dusk till dawn. If you don’t need it during the night on/off switch is placed on the bottom of the light. Useful feature of this floodlight is that it could be mounted on the wall or ground (it is provided with 4 additional ground strokes for ground mounting). IP65 standardmeans that this floodlight is made for all weather conditions; it is waterproof and works on sun, rain and snow.


  •  Reliable and Durable
  •  Waterproof up to IP65 Standard
  •  Great Value for Money
  •  Feels Much More Than 500 Lumens


  •  None