Nature Power 23401 120 LED

The Nature Power 23401 120 LED light with dual head is a motion activated solar light made as a security light. As stated in its name it has two bulkheads with total of 120 super bright white LEDs (60 each) that produce 500 lumens.  It is equipped with motion sensors able to capture a motion as far as 40 feet with a detection range of 120 degrees. The solar panel is attached to a light with a 15 feet ling wire enabling the best possible angle for catching the light beams. It uses Lithium Ion batteries with the capacity of 1800 mAh that can produce 7.4 V of electricity and batteries are installed inside the mounting bracket. Roughly 180 minutes of light is available on a full charge. Typically the LEDs last approximately 30,000 hours or about 20 years with standard use. The battery pack is what typically needs to be replaced after about 1-1 and 1/2 years if the performance of the light weakens.

Motion sensor is attached to a mounting bracket and it is possible to adjust angle of a motion sensor in order to get the best possible angle. The Nature Power 23401 120 LED light contains 3 dials on the bottom of motion sensor, for light level, time and sensitivity. With a light level dial you can adjust the light sensors to turn on at daylight or when the ambient light level drops below a certain threshold (usually it will turn on when the ambient light drops below 2000 lux but this can be adjusted). Time dial regulates the duration of the light once motion is detected: 5 to 90 seconds. And sensitivity dial regulates the sensitivity of motion sensor which can be adjusted from low (for huge objects like humans) to high (for small animals).


  •  120 Bright White LEDs
  •  Uses Li-ion Battery Packs
  •  30.000 Hours or 20 Years of Light


  •  Produces Only 500 Lumens
  •  Problems With Solar Panel at Some Buyers