If you are an outdoor type or just need a handy LED work light for urgent and not so urgent situations than the Sunix rechargeable LED light may be ideal solution for your needs.  It is compact LED light with some great features which will make you camping or repair easier and more convenient than ever. It is aplicable as work light, repair light under the hood of your car, camping light etc.

Main Features of Sunix Rechargeable LED light

We decided to give you a quick review on Sunix rechargeable LED light because this is very reliable LED light suitable for various situations and multiple purposes. This is a small compact, very well designed and robust light on which you can rely. As a power source this light uses 2600 mAh Li-polymer battery with maximum charging time of 3 hours. When fully charged it will last for 3 to 300 hours depending on brightness level. Sunix LED light is equipped with USB cable for recharging, so you can recharge it everywhere, including your car.  On maximum brightness level it will produce 400 lumens of light for 3 hours. Or just, with a tip of your finger on touch sensor with memory function, adjust the brightness level and for up to 300 hours of continuous light (from 0% to 100%). 400 lumens are ideal as night light during a camping trip or as an emergency light or as a repair light.

Also, Sunix rechargeable LEd light is waterproof, so you can use it in all weather conditions for fishing, hiking, sailing etc. It has adjustable dual stand design enabling the turn of 360 degrees enabling the user to either hang it or lay it on a surface for better performance.

It is very easy to use this LED light. When you need to turn on the light just press On/Off button and hold for 1.5 seconds. Press again to turn it off. In order to adjust the brightness press and hold the power button continuously to dim/brighten the light. When the light reaches its max/min brightness, release the button and press and hold it again to reverse brightness adjustment.

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