In the past, choosing which lights to use was really more of a personal decision than a technical one. The lights used to grow your best crops were tested over time and it’s possible you even have your favorite brands. What kind of lights did you choose originally? If you’re like most growers you likely have a large abundance of HPS lights that perform, and that’s about it. So what’s changed? Over the last few years it’s become clear that with the increase of growing technologies and studies on plant structures and growth, that upgrading your current systems to a newer, more energy efficient setup has never been more important.

So how do you choose now? What are the benefits of switching to and LED system over an HPS system? If you’re looking for longer run times, a broader spectrum, less heat, and more efficiency, then keep reading. Based on customer experiences and our industry knowledge, this short list of the top grow lights available can give you insight on where to start when you begin updating your space.

Indoor LED Grow lights contain an assortments of lights set over an area that’s meant to optimize all aspects of your grow. The Red Lights are used to promote photosynthesis, blossoms, and sprouts. In addition, you will see the formation of certain pigments and induce the synthesis of chlorophyll. Blue Lights are used for phototropism work. UV Light in a panel help prevent your plants from becoming infected or diseased by sterilizing and disinfecting. Finally, the IR Light gives the panel thermal effect. These benefits are crucial for the supply of nutrients to your crop, the development of heat and for obtaining exceptionally high yields.

Top 5 LED Grow Lights In 2018

#1 KING Plus – 1000w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Double Chips W/ UV And IR

KingLED stands behind its products like almost every provider on this list with nothing less than a 3 year warranty and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on returns. The Asvert model is a full spectrum light containing red, blue, white, infrared and ultraviolet light. These beneficial wavelengths for plants help with all stages of blooming and growing.

Each LED has a ZENER in order to ensure the operation of the unit even if a single LED light fails. With professional customer service on board, it’s no wonder why Asvert has been a top choice recently among growers.

The 10W double chips it contains are much more efficient and bright than the 3W and 5W models, so please, remember not to look directly into the unit when it is powered on. Using this model you can save over 80% on energy costs compared to its HPS counterparts. Models like the KING Plus 1000W and others have independent cooling fans and strong heat dissipation capabilities. With low noise and incredible functionality, the Asvert model is a great choice for any grower.

  •  Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  •  80% Energy Save
  •  3-year Warranty And 90 Days Satisfaction Or Return Guarantee
  •  “Only” 50,000 Hours Life Span

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#2 Viparspectra V600 LED Grow Light

Viparspectra LED grow light contains the optimal full spectrum of lights that have been specifically engineer to help maintain the proper balance between your PAR output and maximum coverage. These lights are exceptionally bright. Never look at the unit directly when it is turned on. In addition, this model is for indoor use only and is not waterproof. It can however, be set up and controlled on a timer.

The Viparspectra model is 15.3”x12.8”x3” and can replace a single 600W HPS unit. It can be used in all stages of growing and flowering and has a life span of 100,000 hours. When it comes to coverage this unit is a little bit smaller than other s on this list with an area of 3’x3′.

Each light comes with one V600 LED light, one 6.5′ Daisy Chain cord, hanging kit, instructions and a 6′ power cord. Customers say that they are “worth every penny and great for saving on energy costs” and “they perform well beyond expectations”.

  •  Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  •  Life Span Of 100,000 Hours
  •  3 Year Local Warranty And 30 Days Satisfaction Or Return Guarantee
  •  Not Waterproof

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#3 Bestva – 1000W Double Chip LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

Bestva is a brand that’s very popular with growers right now and it’s no secret why. Each one of their lamps replaces a single 400W HPS giving you twice the output for only 150W of energy consumption. With a 3 year warranty and a 30 day guarantee for returns, it’s no wonder these units are hard to keep in stock.


Each Bestva LED grow light has its own powerful cooling fan system, with holes on the glass and aluminum panel for extra heat convection. This fan runs at an optimal, cool 40-50 degrees F , cooler than just about any similar light panel available.

One of the greatest benefits of this item is its ability to produce a ‘natural sunshine‘ like effect for your grow, making it beneficial for all stages. This grow light also has the highest PAR/LUMEN output per LED light. In order to keep your grow safe, Bestva has introduced technology that will help prevent stunting with the use of grow lights, as well as sunburn/light-burn.

Dimensions of this particular light are 12.2”x8.26”x2.36” and it can cover a growing area of 4.5′ x 4’. The lifespan of this product is a lengthy 100,000 hours and it has a working temperature of 70-104 degrees F. It is for indoor use only and it is not waterproof. This unit is extremely bright, and timer control is available.

Each product includes one Bestva 1000W LED Grow light, a 6′ power cord and a hanging kit. Customers who purchased these lights are often surprised by higher yields and overall better growing experiences. They love the brightness and the quality of the fans, which are described as ‘quiet’.

  •  Full Spectrum Grow Lamp
  •  Life Span Of 100,000 Hours
  •  3 Year Warranty And 30 Days Satisfaction Or Return Guarantee
  •  Quiet Fans
  •  Not Waterproof

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#4 Advanced – PLATINUM P900

Although the Advanced Platinum P900 is one of the higher priced models on this list, it definitely shows in terms of advancement in technologies and the ability to customize your grow lighting.

To begin with, just one of these Advanced Platinum P900 lights can replace a single 1000W HPS. Customers say that these lights easily exceed all of their wildest expectations and that they’re exceptionally well built, even beyond what one might expect. These lights are great for large applications or using multiple units with a coverage area of  6′ x 4.5′.

One of the things customers love about this product is the customization of the Advanced Platinum light. You can switch easily between Veg/Flower and use your light through all stages with the most complete and efficient spectral output available. Per watt, the Advanced Platinum P900 boasts the highest PAR/LUMEN balance of any grow light.

Two to three times more intense than many other brands, this light consumes about 560W of power, however it produces 100% usable light. The dimensions of the light are 36” x12” x3” which makes for maximum yield, using minimum power and heat. The 12-band full spectrum array has both UV and IR lights as well as 4x high speed fans with upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks.

With a lifespan of over 100,000 hours and a complete 5 year warranty, these lights hit the mid-price point and provide exceptional quality. The plants respond well to these lights and customers continue to explain that the fans are very quiet, and very effective.

  •  Full Spectrum Grow Light
  •  Life Span Of 100,000 Hours
  •  5 Year Warranty
  •  4x High Speed Whisper Quiet Fans
  • Higher Priced Model

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#5 Kind – LED K5 XL 1000W

Simply put, Kind has the best selling 1000W LED light on the market, right now. At a high price point, the fully customization light comes with multiple useful preset options as well in order to help you grow a variety of plants. Their new proprietary 12-band spectrum is capable of providing plants with every type of lights that they could ever need. This means that you can finally remove all of the extra lights you don’t need so you can save on energy costs.

This light covers a wide 5’x5′ area and has pulse width modulation dimming so you only use the power that you need. These lights are exceptionally heavy in all of the Red and Blue Lights that plants need to grow to higher yields. You can easily save on energy and grow in any environment. Each light provides up to 200% more canopy penetration than its competitors meaning more flowering sites and a larger yield for you.

These lights contain a mix of 3w and 5w led lights so as not to overwhelm your plants or burn them. The end result is lush and large plants that are unlike any grow you’ve ever had. Dimensions of the Kind K5 LED grow light are 26”x20”x3.5” and can replace a single 1000w HPS lamp. The max wattage of this lamp is 630w. Other sought after features of the unit include internal timing functions, an 8-stage ‘mother earth’ function, true to specification harvests and a sleek, modern design.

  •  Big Covering Area
  •  Life Span Of 100,000 Hours
  •  Multiple Preset Options
  •  Replaces a Single 1000W HPS Lamp
  • Higher Priced Model

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With this information you too now have the capability to change your entire setup, to increase your yields and have an incredible growing experience. To be a successful cultivator it’s important to look at all the tools available at your disposal. Switching out your HPS lights for newer, more beneficial LED grow lights is one of the many new breakthroughs you can take advantage of in order to help bring down your operating costs in your small or large cultivation.