Every time you step into your garage or workroom, the way it looks can determine how motivated you are to complete your latest project, or even get a head start on freeing up the unused space. If you’re still using older fluorescent lights, you might have already become tired of the constant changing of light bulbs, the fact that they’re hard to dispose of properly, they’re expensive and they don’t last too long. They’re hot and noisy, they flicker terribly and to be fair, the light they produce isn’t very bright or consistent. If you feel like you’re walking into a dungeon of doom or a poorly lit craft warehouse every time you enter your area, consider these alternatives to bring some much needed illumination to your spaces. And Below you can find top 5 LED utility shop lights considering quality, ease of usage, price and customers’ opinion.

#1 Hyperikon – Hyperselect 3800 Lumen LED Shop Light

An industry leader in efficiency, Hyperikon has premium lights at fantastic values for your needs. With a 5-Year Warranty, the 3800 Lumen LED Shop Light is a perfect way to bring the sunshine indoors.

These lights feature 45,000 hours of illumination (that’s 21 years!) at 6 hours a day of use. Not only that, they’re rebate eligible so you can save on making your home more economic and environmentally friendly.

Customers describe these lights as being ‘super bright’ like sunlight. Illuminate every dark corner of space in your garage or craft room with the 5000k color temperature to make everything clearer. People who have purchased this item also enjoy how little space they take up and have even referred to them as ‘slim’.

Each light is 46.5” long, 4” wide and 2” tall. They are instant-on and anti-flicker as well as being made out of resistant and practical aluminum housing. UL listed, the power cord on these lights is generous 5”, but note that these like the Sunco brand, cannot be linked together without extra hardware that does not come with the product. This light comes with regular mounting hardware; chains and hooks, or you can choose to mount it in another manner congruent with the instructions.

  •  45 000 hours/21 year of illumination
  •  Very Bright – 3800 Lumen
  •  5-year Warranty
  •  None

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#2 FRENCHMAY – 40 Watt Link-able LED Light

FrenchMay is a leading producer of many home technologies to make your life easier. Included in that lineup is their 40 Watt Link-able LED Lights, perfect for your garage or craft spaces.

These units are great space savers. For a standard size light they produce an impressive burst of brightness. They are link-able with 44 inch built-in power cords and have a pull chain switch. These would be great for any garage. FrenchMay offers a 5-Year Warranty on this light which makes their product a confident choice.

Each light is 48 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches in height. There are multiple ways that you can mount these lights in your current garage setup including daisy chain hardware, which is included with the light. You can also use pull chains to mount it if you choose.

These lights may seem expensive, but they also produce the most brightness at 4,800 lumens. These garage lights have a lifespan of over 40,000 hours as well making them exceptionally efficient. Other purchasers of this product have called these the perfect replacement for fluorescent shop lighting. They’re easy to install and can be set up quickly so you can get back to work sooner!

  •  40 000 hours/20 years of illumination
  •  Extreme Bright – 4800 Lumen
  •  Easy to Install
  •  5-year Warranty
  •  A Bit Higher Price

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#3 SUNCO – LED Strip Lights for Garage

Sunco Lighting has over 20 years of lighting experience on an international scale. They truly try to exceed customers expectations with the quality of their products and their great customer service.

Truly an investment, Sunco has had lots of time to perfect the LED lighting they provide. Even still, they provide each product with a 5-year warranty to give you even more piece of mind when choosing their product.

At an impressive 50,000 hours of service without using mercury or UV light, this is a great choice for those who want a safe environment and home. Each light provides a total of 4000 lumens with a 5000k color rating, giving it a natural feel. These also have a 5-foot plug in cord which doesn’t need any extra wiring. It turns on instantly without flickering and doesn’t make any humming noises while it’s on. The Sunco LED lighting strips turn on with an 18.5” pull chain for easy access overhead.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing the Sunco LED lighting strip is that it’s and Energy Star product. This means that it means all of the rigorous quality specifications required to earn a sales tax break.

  •  50 000 hours of illumination
  •  Very Bright – 4000 Lumen
  •  5000K Natural Light Feeling
  •  Several Packaging Sizes
  •  5-year Warranty
  •  None

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#4 LUCECO – 3600 Lumen Cool White LED Light

Luceco has a strong track record of delivering on exactly what they promise,which makes their 3600 Lumen Cool White LED Light a great choice for your garage or indoor office area.

With a ballast free design these lights are incredible space savers. You don’t have to worry about bulky housing on these 48” lights, just perfect illumination. No flickering and no obnoxious buzzing noises; all you’ll get from this product is reliability and beautiful bright natural feeling lights.

Installation is quick with included hardware to make it simple. The Luceco like most products on our list today, has a 5-year warranty, just in case. A shatterproof construction makes these lights durability and safe. Strong thermoplastic housing means that these lights are going to last a long time for you. In fact these lights can last up to 23 years!

Each light provides a satisfying 4000k color temperature and comes with a 5-foot cord. The lights measure 47.25” in length, 3.5” in width and 1.4” in height. Instantly on with no warm up or wait time, you can surface mount or suspend these incredibly useful lights. In addition to providing 3600 Lumens, these lights are UL listed so you know that their safety and efficiency are guaranteed by their team.

  •  23 Years of illumination
  •  Bright – 3600 Lumen
  •  5-year Warranty
  •  4000K Color Temperature

Buy Luceco 3600 Lumen from Amazon

#5 BRIGHTTECH – LightPRO 40 Watt LED Shop Light

Brighttech is another name in the game worth considering. If you’re interested in a light that produces beautiful glowing color and solves your fluorescent replacement needs, you should also review the benefits of the LightPro 40 Watt LED Shop Light.

This simple to install light will be a perfect replacement for the lights you’re currently using in your shop or workroom. 4000 Lumens and a natural 4000k color temperature give you abundant and dazzling light. No-flicker technology means these lights are on instantly with no noise or extra heat.

These LightPRO lights are expected to last for 50,000 hours. That’s 20 years of beautiful light to help you see your projects crystal clear. Each light includes an installation kit, however, they are not fabricated to be linked together, or for end to end wiring.

These units are standalone and measure 48” long, 5”wide and 3” tall with a pull chain. Brighttech has a fantastic customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the way it works you can simply return it for a refund or a replacement. That’s it. In addition they carry a 3-year warranty on all items.

Many past customers are impressed by the quality of the light and how much easier it is to complete tasks they need done. Additionally they have said that they love the value of these lights and they wished they had purchased them sooner.

  •  50 000 Hours/23 Years of illumination
  •  Very Bright – 4000 Lumen
  •  Affordable
  •  Easy To Install
  •  3-year Warranty
  •  4000K Color Temperature

Buy LightPro 4000 Lumen from Amazon

Depending on your lighting needs you can easily choose a high quality LED replacement for your old and expensive fluorescent lights. Step into a modern garage with no more odd flickering or creepy buzzing noises. Spend the next 20 years finishing projects and creating new things instead of changing light bulbs. Enjoy working in your own space again.