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If you are looking for effective yet inexpensive way to make your garden, pathway, patio or pool area illuminated and decorated with lights than solar powered LED lights are what you were searching for.

How to choose the right light for your needs? Well. It depends on wheatear you need these light sources for decorative or security purposes, for closed or open surfaces, for gardens or pool areas etc. Depending on your needs it is important to check their brightness, number of light sources, batteries, number of settings, range of the light etc.  As you can see, there are a lot of factors influencing the decision which solar powered LED light to buy.

Top 10 Solar Powered LED lights

To choose the best solar powered LED light is a bit difficult task for a common person because you need to do some research before making a decision about the light you wanted as per your requirement and budget. Hence we tested various types, shapes, sizes and functions of different solar powered LED lights to ease your choice. During the testing process we looked at the ease of set-up, the quality and durability of the post, fittings and solar panel and any cables, customer reviews and satisfaction and naturally the price and after doing hours of hardworking came up with below list of 10 best solar powered LED lights.

Name Lumen Output Type of Light Number of LED Price

Sunforce 82101 100 LED Solar Motion Light


Solar Motion Security Light


Check Price

Nature Power 23401 120 LED Security Light

500 Solar Motion Security Light 120

Check Price

MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight

500 Solar Floodlight 120

Check Price

Baytown II Solar Outdoor LED Light

 130 Solar Outdoor Lamp 1 LED Bulb

Check Price

InnoGear 20 LED Motion Sensor Wall Light

 300 Solar Motion Security Light 20

Litom 54 LED Motion Sensor Wall Light

 526 Solar Motion Security Light 54

Oak Leaf LED Solar Path Light – 12 Pack

1.2 each Solar Path Light 12 x LED Bulb

Gama Sonic Windsor Solar Outdoor LED Light

 150 Solar Outdoor Lamp 6

Moonrays 91754 Richmond LED Solar Path Light – 2 Pack

30 Solar Path Light  2 x LED Bulb Check Price

URPOWER 2-in-1 LED Solar Landscape Light/Spotlight

 200 Solar Spotlight 4 Check Price

1. Sunforce 82101 100 LED Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce 82101 100 LED solar powered motion light is, as its name says, a motion-activated light with 100 bright white LEDs. It provides a light of 1000 lumens which is quite powerful light which can be used as a powerful deterrent for the burglars providing sense of safety and security. The best thing about Sunforce 82101 100 LED is that it has attached solar panel with 15 ft. of wire enabling achievement of best possible angle for capturing the sun power. The solar panel is very durable and resistant to all weather conditions and virtually maintenance free. As a backup power this light uses 3 AA batteries provided together with the light.

It is equipped with motion sensors able to capture a motion as far as 30 feet with a detection range of 180 degrees. There are 2 switches on the back of the light, first one determines the duration of the light once motion is detected: 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 120 seconds and the second one controls the distance of the range of motion detection: low, medium or high. It is ideal for all types of locations and buildings like entryways, garages, pathways, sheds and remote areas.

  •  Powerful Light of 1000 Lumens
  •  180 Degree Detection Angle
  •  Reasonable Price for the Quality
  •  None

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2. Nature Power 23401 120 LED

The Nature Power 23401 120 LED light with dual head is a motion activated solar light made as a security light. As stated in its name it has two bulkheads with total of 120 super bright white LEDs (60 each) that produce 500 lumens.  It is equipped with motion sensors able to capture a motion as far as 40 feet with a detection range of 120 degrees. The solar panel is attached to a light with a 15 feet ling wire enabling the best possible angle for catching the light beams. It uses Lithium Ion batteries with the capacity of 1800 mAh that can produce 7.4 V of electricity and batteries are installed inside the mounting bracket. Roughly 180 minutes of light is available on a full charge. Typically the LEDs last approximately 30,000 hours or about 20 years with standard use. The battery pack is what typically needs to be replaced after about 1-1 and 1/2 years if the performance of the light weakens.

Motion sensor is attached to a mounting bracket and it is possible to adjust angle of a motion sensor in order to get the best possible angle. The Nature Power 23401 120 LED light contains 3 dials on the bottom of motion sensor, for light level, time and sensitivity. With a light level dial you can adjust the light sensors to turn on at daylight or when the ambient light level drops below a certain threshold (usually it will turn on when the ambient light drops below 2000 lux but this can be adjusted). Time dial regulates the duration of the light once motion is detected: 5 to 90 seconds. And sensitivity dial regulates the sensitivity of motion sensor which can be adjusted from low (for huge objects like humans) to high (for small animals).

  •  120 Bright White LEDs
  •  Uses Li-ion Battery Packs
  •  30.000 Hours or 20 Years of Light
  •  Produces Only 500 Lumens
  •  Problems With Solar Panel at Some Buyers

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3. MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight (With Adjustable Bracket)

MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Floodlight is one in the wide range of MicroSolar flood and security LED lights (check all here). MicroSolar solar powered LED lights are basically quality lights with high lumen outputs made with or without motion sensors. MicroSolar 120 LED IP65 Floodlight represents one of the best and most reliable solar powered LED lights available on the market giving the great value for the money. This solar powered light system consists of an aluminum IP65 10w solar panel with angle adjustable metal brackets and 16.4 feet long cable connecting it to the 120 natural white LEDs. Also, it can be upgraded with optional boost solar panel & 16.4 ft extension cable for greater performance.

The solar panel charges 14.8V 4000mAh (59.2WH) rechargeable Lithium battery which lasts over 2 years in regular use. The battery, when fully charged, will give you up to 12 hours of continuous light (on sunny day) able to illuminate around 50 to maximum 100 square feet. Photo sensors are built in solar panel in order to detect if there is getting darker outside providing continuous work from dusk till dawn. If you don’t need it during the night on/off switch is placed on the bottom of the light. Useful feature of this floodlight is that it could be mounted on the wall or ground (it is provided with 4 additional ground strokes for ground mounting). IP65 standard means that this floodlight is made for all weather conditions; it is waterproof and works on sun, rain and snow.

  •  Reliable and Durable
  •  Waterproof up to IP65 Standard
  •  Great Value for Money
  •  Feels Much More Than 500 Lumens
  •  None

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