Former Love Island finalist, Olivia Bowen, gave us a look into what she took on holiday to Greece for three-month-old Abel. Olivia shared the good news in June that her son, Abel, had been born and has kept us up to date on her first year as a mother. Olivia previously shared her hospital bag must-haves, which were super useful. But recently, she took to Instagram to show the world what she packed for little Abel for their trip away. She broke down her travel bag essentials.

“I’m gonna put up what I took abroad with us for a 3-month-old,” Olivia wrote on her Instagram story, accompanied by a picture of her little family on the plane home. “Basically, everything we took we used and didn’t feel like I was missing anything the whole time!”

Just in case you needed a little checklist, we’ve put together our own list of travel essentials to take on holiday with your little one. Hopefully, it’ll help you when the time comes.

Here is a list of travel essentials you may need:

Travel Gear (Carrier, Car Seat, Cot)

Clothes (Depending on Season, Weather)

Nursing and Feeding (Highchair

Squeeze Pouch Baby Food & Travel Spoon

Sippy Cup & Bottles

Cooler Bag & Snack Catcher

Nursing Cover, Breast Pump & Supplies

Nappies & Bags

Travel Wipes Case

Prescription Medicines

Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen

Hand Sanitiser & Sanitising Wipes

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Play Mat & Small Toys

Dummies and Blankets

However, Olivia shared her own packing list, which looks very detailed.

Olivia Bowen shares her packing list.

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CREDIT: Photo: Olivia Bowen’s Instagram


Olivia wrote: “We fit everything in his medium-size case and it was well below 23kg – think it was 16kg… We checked in our car seat and travel cot (I like using my own) and had our own @silvercrossuk jet travel pram.”

Plus – Olivia gave some advice to breastfeeding mummies travelling abroad: “I took pouches of cold expressed milk in a small, cooler bag with an ice pack and just put it in my hand luggage – which all airports should allow.”

Olivia pointed her followers in the direction of the GOV.UK page about the rules and allowances. It’s worth a read.

“I did this just in case – as sometimes Abel likes a bottle… in busy scenarios.”

Olivia Bowen’s Travel Bag Must-Haves and Essentials

YSSHUI, Car Seat Travel Bag

YSSHUI, Car Seat Travel Bag

First, Olivia shared this travel bag, which she just “popped in [their] car seat and it was perfect.” Plus, it has straps, too.

LAYCOL, Baby Swimming Float

LAYCOL, Baby Swimming Float

Next, Olivia plugged LAYCOL’s baby float alongside a cute snap of Abel “loving life”. It comes with an attachable sun shade, too – which is good for any sunny getaway.

Maxi-Cosi Iris 2-in 1 Compact Travel Cot

Maxi-Cosi Iris 2-in 1 Compact Travel Cot

Next, we have included this travel cot from Maxi-Cosi. Olivia wrote: “[It] took me ages to find one I liked.” When you’re looking for something like a travel cot, you need to be scouting for the best features and safety, not just the best deals. This Maxi-Cosi model has a raised co-sleep option and, then, you can lower it when your little one is bigger.

Olivia added: “We used it before we went away – as well for his day naps in the lounge/kitchen as it’s so easy to move around!” That’s great to hear. A travel crib wouldn’t be a travel crib without it being lightweight and foldable.

Baby Stacking Cups

Baby Stacking Cups

Why not pack these stacking cups for your travel away? They’re lightweight, compact and will keep your little one hooked. Olivia shared a snap of Abel playing with them: “The cups were a hit, sensory vibes in the water.”

teytoy Tummy Time Mirror

teytoy Tummy Time Mirror

Lastly, Olivia shared how she kept Abel entertained on the plane. She wrote: “He loves mirrors (deffo Alex’s child) and also be sued for tummy time. So, we used it as a book on the plane – and then, at the villa for him.”

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