There are games that pit you against the elements in tough battles for survival, such as Rust, DayZ, and Valheim. Then there are games that take you on a grand sci-fi adventure with your friends, like Destiny and Outriders. But what if there was a game that let you do both? Enter Earth: Revival, an ambitious blend of survival gaming and shared-world shooting, that takes place on Earth following an alien invasion. We’ve taken Nuverse’s intriguing hybrid for a spin, and jotted down five reasons why you should be excited about Earth: Revival.

Explore earth in the wake of an alien invasion

Earth: Revival’s takes place in the shadow of global catastrophe, with a setting that blends near-future sci-fi and post-apocalyptic storytelling. Set in 2112, Earth: Revival takes place on a ravaged and destroyed planet Earth, a result of an intergalactic conflict with a mysterious alien species. As Survivors of the war against the aliens, players will fight to reclaim Earth and restore what was lost.

Survive wild and hostile environments

The world of Earth: Revival is vast, diverse and dangerous. On their journey, players will explore numerous open environments, from a rid deserts to snow-filled valleys to dense, futuristic cityscapes. But don’t be fooled by what beauty Earth still retains. Its wildernesses are intensely hostile, with players contending against acid-rain, sandstorms and clouds of alien spores. Cities, meanwhile, are prowled by gangs and mercenary factions. To survive, you must gather resources and utilise 3D printing technology to create useful items and equipment, ranging from crucial survival gear to vehicles that help them traverse the world more easily. You’ll also need to manage your basic bodily needs, cooking food to maintain energy, purifying water to avoid becoming sick, and building cabins for shelter and as a base of operations.

Battle terrifying monsters with versatile weapons

The environment isn’t the only threat in Earth: Revival. The toxification of Earth has played havoc with its wildlife, and the planet is now home to a host of dangerous creatures. From swarms of scuttling alien insects to giant mutant apes, these creatures can kill unprepared survivors in a heart beat. Luckily, the war with Planet Eclaid means that one thing Earth isn’t short of is guns. Throughout your adventure, you’ll be able to craft and collect dozens of powerful weapons. These weapons aren’t your typical array of nigh-identical assault-rifles, either. How about a high-powered machine gun that converts into a plasma-spitting rocket launcher? Or anelectricity cannon that can call lightning barrages down from the sky? Every weapon on Earth: Revival is designed to be distinctive. Equipped with two powerful abilities alongside their basic fire-mode, they let you unleash devastating attack chains against your foes.

Take the fight to the next level

Even with the impressive array of weaponry Earth: Revival places at your disposal, all that firepower may still not be enough to defeat tougher opponents. Luckily, every Survivor has an ace up their sleeve power armor. Activating power armour temporarily encases your survivor in gleaming power armor, equipped with jump-jets that let you boost away from enemies with ease, and weapons that will halt even the largest monster in its tracks. Pummel your enemies into submission with a devastating missile barrage, or obliterate them with a high-powered energy beam. Knowing when to deploy your power armour will be crucial to emerging victorious in the deepest, darkest recesses of Earth’s treacherous inter lands.

Never play alone

Humanity thrives when it works together, and the situation is no different in Earth: Revival. Survivors can join forces to tackle challenging strategic raids, delving into the depths of the Earth to square off against gigantic bosses. Meanwhile, up-to four survivors can band together to form their own camp, building their own cabin and outfitting it with a range of useful equipment that will aid them in both exploration and combat.

Yet even when playing Earth: Revival solo, you won’t be completely alone. Your AI companion Lydia will guide you through the wastelands of Earth. Moreover, all players can recruit a Battle Pet to fight with you. Whether it’s a faithful Shiba Inu that suppresses foes with explosive barrages, or a robotic companion who slices up enemies with its energy blades. No matter how you play, you’ll always have someone by your side as you continue your journey to bring our planet back from the brink of Earth: Revival.

Earth: Revival will be holding a limited closed beta test from September 2(nd) to September 18 on PC and Android. Players interested in participating in the closed beta can sign up on the official registration site here for exclusive in-game rewards.

Players can also follow the official community of Earth: Revival, stay tuned for exciting updates and participate in various activities with gift cards and special rewards on Facebook, Discord, Youtube, and on the game’s official site.

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