Whether you sleep with a partner, or you just like to sprawl out during the night, you’ll want to buy the best double mattress you can afford for the utmost comfort and support.

The issue is, with the ever-growing popularity of the bed-in-a-box market, there’s a massive range of mattresses to choose from – not to mention different mattress types, from traditional pocket-sprung models to memory foam and hybrid mattresses (we recommend you check out our in-depth guide to mattress types if you’re struggling to decide which is best for you).

Thankfully, we’ve tested a lot of mattresses here at Expert Reviews (many of which have been doubles) so that we can provide you with the best impartial buying advice. With that said, we’ve rounded up some of the best double mattresses below, alongside a short buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision.

Best double mattress: At a glance

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How to buy the best double mattress for you

How big is a double mattress?

To be big enough to fit two people, a standard UK double mattress measures 135cm wide and 190cm long.

By comparison, a single is 90cm wide, while a king size mattress is 150cm wide and a super king 180cm. Length wise, the difference isn’t as significant: a single also measures 190cm long, while a king and super king are both 200cm.

Some retailers and manufacturers will also offer their mattress in a ‘small double’ size, which is reasonably self-explanatory. A standard small double measures 190cm long, with a slightly smaller width of 120cm.

How much should I spend on a double mattress?

It goes without saying that the more you’re willing to spend on a mattress, the more comfortable it’s likely to be. And considering the sheer amount of time we spend in bed, we’d argue that it makes sense to invest in a decent one.

Many of our favourite foam mattresses (including the Emma Original and Nectar mattress), will cost you around £700 in a size double, while hybrid mattresses combining springs and foam tend to be a bit pricier.

The most expensive mattresses, however, which are often deeper and more sumptuous, can easily set you back upwards of £1500. Examples include the Simba Hybrid Luxe and the Tempur Original Supreme, which cost £1,699 and £1,799 respectively. If you’re after luxury from your mattress, these are the prices you’ll be looking at.

That said, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds for decent comfort and support, and there are plenty of good budget double mattresses available, such as the Silentnight Studio Eco at (£419) and the Dormeo Memory Plus, regularly on sale for as little as £250.

Anything else I need to know?

Buying a mattress isn’t an easy task, so it’s worth doing plenty of reading before making the plunge. If you still have unanswered questions, below are a few of our guides and best buys that should help answer them:

The best double mattresses to buy

1. Emma Original: The best memory foam mattress for couples

Price: £699 (double) | Buy now from Emma

Emma’s Original mattress is made up of three layers of memory foam, plus a breathable top cover which can be removed and machine washed. When we tested it, we found it to be a very versatile memory foam mattress which was more than capable of accommodating a variety of sleeping positions.

Indeed, whether you sleep on your back, front, side, or a combination of the three, the Emma Original is a comfortable and supportive mattress. Thanks to this versatility, it’s a great choice for couples who might be struggling to compromise on sleeping positions.

Read our full review of the Emma Original for more details

2. Simba Hybrid Pro: The best for staying cool

Price: £1,239 (double) | Buy now from Simba 

The Simba Hybrid Pro is constructed from foam with two layers of pocket micro springs (that’s one more than the regular Hybrid). The real winning feature, however, is the upper layer of British wool which rests on top of the mattress’ open-cell foam layer. This is a naturally breathable material which keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

At £1,359 for a double, it isn’t cheap, although it’s not the brand’s most expensive mattress. Simba’s latest premium offering, the Hybrid Luxe, will set you back an extra £300 (in a size double). That being said, the Hybrid Pro remains our favourite Simba mattress, as well as one of the best hybrid mattresses we’ve ever tested.

Read our full review of the Simba Hybrid Pro for more details

3. Silentnight Studio Eco: The best hybrid mattress on a budget

Price: £439 (double) | Buy now from Silentnight

Silentnight’s Studio range of mattresses offer the convenience of the bed-in-a-box market at competitive prices. The Studio Eco, the cheapest model in the range, is a cool, comfortable and supportive hybrid mattress that will be rolled up and delivered straight to your door.

The downsides include a disappointing lack of edge support, and a ‘60-night comfort exchange’ which is beaten by the lengthy trial periods and money-back guarantees offered by the brands featured above. Nevertheless, the Silentnight Studio Eco delivers in all the crucial areas, and there’s really little else you could ask for at this price.

Read our full review of the Silentnight Studio Eco for more details

Buy now from Silentnight

4. Eve Premium Hybrid: The best for light sleepers

Price: £1,076 (double) | Buy now from Eve

Eve now has no fewer than seven mattresses in its range, and the Premium Hybrid is its best (and most expensive) model yet. Constructed from five layers of memory foam and full-size pocket springs, it’s 270mm deep (which is 20mm deeper than Eve’s Original Hybrid).

The Premium Hybrid is brilliantly comfortable and supportive, and it does a great job of keeping you cool throughout the night. Not only that, but we also found it to be very effective when it came to reducing motion transfer. As such, it’s a great mattress for light sleepers as well as couples who move around a lot during the night.

What’s more, Eve has increased its trial period, offering customers a full year to test out its mattresses. Previously, the only brand to offer such a lengthy trial was Nectar. You can read more about this year-long trial on Eve’s website.  

Read our full review of the Eve Premium Hybrid for more details

Buy now from Eve

5. Tempur Original Supreme: The best luxury memory foam mattress

Price: £1,899 (double) | Buy now from Tempur

Tempur is renowned for its quality memory foam mattresses and bedding, and the Original Supreme is no exception. It’s an extremely comfortable mattress that will mould to your body while providing excellent levels of support.

But such premium memory foam comes at a high price. In fact, the Tempur Original Supreme is one of the most expensive mattresses we’ve reviewed. Fortunately, like many brands, Tempur offers a 100-night trial period (at the end of which you have the option of returning your mattress for a full refund if it is not right for you) as well as a 10-year guarantee on its mattresses.

Read our full review of the Tempur Original Supreme for more details

Buy now from Tempur

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