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Lemonada turned true-crime on its head with the podcast Believe Her, the story of a domestic abuse victim who killed her husband, and they are at it again with The Letter, an eight-part narrative series telling the story of Zachary Snarr, who was brutally murdered in Salt Lake City on Aug. 28,1996. His girlfriend Yvette Rodier was also shot, but survived. As the gunman, who had never met Zachary or Yvette, sits in jail for his crime, we learn that he has developed a friendship with Sy, Zachary’s mother, who has forgiven him for killing her son.

The show kicks off with a friendly conversation between the two, and host Amy Donaldson gives us the full picture of the murder and its impact on the town, Yvette, Zachary’s loved ones, and the gunman’s family. It’s the kind of redemption story we don’t often see in true crime, and its success out of the gate suggests we’re eager for more like it.

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