With the days getting shorter and the clocks due to go back on October 30, people are once again thinking about their autumnal sleep habits, with one study suggesting that, come October, the optimal time to wake up is 7.28am.

According to the analysis, from home experts Duette, the average sunrise time in October is 7.28am, supposedly making this the best time to start the day, Stylist reported. Meanwhile 5.54pm (which is the average time of sunset) is the best time to start winding down for the evening.

While waking up at a specific time might sound like the answer to all our problems – particularly for those who struggle to feel refreshed in the mornings during darker months, the research has a few holes in it because it doesn’t really take into account the hundreds of other factors that influence our sleep.

Yes, daylight helps us get up and go, but there are so many other factors at play here. If you start work early, getting up at 7.28am might not leave you enough time to get ready, let alone commute. Your children might wake up earlier than 7.30am, meaning you have to (*sobs*) get up, too. You might work night shifts, in which case you definitely shouldn’t be getting up with the sun if you only got in at 5am.

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